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The following are the Russian books to which I am principally indebted. In alluding to them in the foot-notes to the present volume I have frequently given only the initials of their titles, just as I have often represented the words Deutsche Mythologie by the letters D. M.

AFANASIEF. Poeticheskiya Vozzryeniya Slavyan na Prirodu. [Poetic Views of the Slavonians about Nature.] 3 vols. Moscow, 1865-69. 8vo.

---- Narodnuiya Russkiya Skazki. [Popular Russian Tales.] Third edition. 8 Pts. Moscow, 1863. 8vo.

BEZSONOF. Kalyeki Perekhozhie. [Wandering Psalm-singers. A collection of their songs.] 6 pts. Moscow. 1860-62. 8vo.

BUSLAEF. Istoricheskie Ocherki, etc. [Historical Sketches of National Literature and Art.] 2 vols. St. Petersburg, 1861. fol.

---- O Vliyanii Khristianstva na Slavyansky Yazuik. [On the Influence of Christianity on Slavonic Language.] Moscow, 1848. 8vo.

DAHL. Poslovitsui Russkago Naroda. [Proverbs of the Russian People.] Moscow, 1862. fol.

ERLENBEIN. Narodnuiya Skazki. [Popular Tales collected by village Schoolmasters.] Moscow, 1863. 8vo.

KASTORSKY. Nachertanie Slovanskoi Mithologii. [Outline of Slavonic Mythology.] St. Petersburg, 1841. 8vo.

KAVELIN. Sochineniya. [Collected works.] 4 vols. Moscow, 1859.

KHUDYAKOF. Velikorusskiya Skazzki. [Great-Russian Popular Tales.] 3 pts. Moscow, 1860-62.

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KIRYEEVSKY. Pyesni sobrannuiya. P. V. Kiryeevskim, etc. [Songs collected by P. V. Kiryeevsky. Edited by P. A. Bezsonof and others.] Second edition. Parts 1-8. Moscow, 1868, etc. 8vo.

KOTLYAREVSKY. O Pogrebal'nuikh Obuichayakh Yazuicheskikh Slavyan. [On the Funeral Customs of the heathen Slavonians.] Moscow, 1868. 8vo.

MAIKOF. O Builinakh Vladimirova Tsikla. [On the Builínas of the Vladímir Cycle.] St. Petersburg, 1863. 8vo.

---- Velikorusskiya Zaklinaniya. [Great-Russian Spells.] St. Petersburg, 1869. 8vo.

OREST MILLER. Opuit Istoricheskago Obozryeniya Russkoi Slovesnosti. [Attempt at an Historical Survey of Russian literature Part 1. Section 1. Second edition.] St. Petersburg, 1866. 8vo.

---- Khristomatiya, etc. [Chrestomathy, appended to the "Attempt, etc."] Part 1. Section 1. Second edition. St. Petersburg, 1866. 8vo.

---- Ilya Muromets. [Ilya of Murom. and the Heroes of Kief.] St . Petersburg, 1869. Royal 8vo.

RUIBNIKOF, Pyesni sobrannuiya P. N. Ruibnikovuim. [Songs collected by P. N. Ruibnikof Edited by P. A. Bezsonof, etc.] 4 vols. Moscow, 1861-67. 8vo.

SAKHAROF. Skazaniya Russkago Naroda. [Utterances of the Russian People. Third edition.] 2 vols. 1 St. Petersburg, 1841. Royal 8vo.

---- Pyesni Russkago Naroda. [Songs of the Russian People]. 5 vols. St. Petersburg, 1838-39. 12mo.

SCHOEPPIING (or Shepping). Mithui Slavyanskago Yazuichestva. [Myths of Slavonic Heathendom.] Moscow, 1849. 8vo.

---- Russkaya Narodnost', etc. [Russian Nationality in its Superstitions, Rites, and Popular Stories.] Moscow, 1862. 8vo.

SHCHEPKIN. Ob Istochnikakh i formakh Russkago Basnosloviya. [On the Sources and Forms of Russian Mythology.] 2 pts. Moscow, 1859-61.

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SHEN. Russkiya Narodnuiya Pyesni. [Russian Popular Songs, collected and arranged by P. V. Shein.] Vol. I. Moscow, 1870. Royal 8vo.

SNEGIREF. Russkie Prostonarodnuie Prazdniki, etc. [Russian Popular Festivals and Superstitious Rites.] 4 vols. Moscow, 1837-39. 8vo.

SNEGIREF. Russkie v svoikh Poslovitsakh. [The Russians in their Proverbs.] 4 vols. Moscow, 1832. 12mo.

SOLOVIEF. Istoriya Rossii. [History of Russia. 2] Fourth edition. Moscow, 1856, etc. 8vo.

TERESHCHENKO. Buit Russkago Naroda. [Manners and Customs of the Russian People.] 7 vols. St. Petersburg, 1848. 8vo. 3


438:1 I possess, unfortunately, only the first volume. The second I have never even so much as seen, so rare has the book become.

439:2 In progress; only about twenty-one volumes have as yet been published.

439:3 Students who wish to compare the Folk-songs of the Russians with those of the other Slavonic peoples will find the following books of great service. To avoid typographical difficulties I have translated their titles:--

KOLBERG. "Songs of the Polish People." Warsaw, 1857. 8vo.

WOJCICKI. "Songs of the White-Croatians, Masures, etc." 2 vols. Warsaw, 1836. 8vo.

KARAJIC. "Servian Popular Songs." 5 vols. Vienna, 1841-65. 8vo.

SUSIL. "Moravian Popular Songs." Brunn, 1860. 8vo.

HAUPT AND SCHMALER. "Folk-Songs of the Wends in Upper and Lower Lusatia " [in Wendish and German.] Grimma, 1841-43. 4to.

ZEGOTA PAULI. "Songs of the Ruthenians in Galicia." 2 vols. Lwow, 1839-40. 12mo.

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