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The Merchants Visit Tsar Saltan (detail), by Ivan Bilibin [1905] (Public Domain Image)

Sixty Folk-Tales

from Exclusively Slavonic Sources

by A. H. Wratislaw


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This collection of Slavic folktales at first glance appears to have all of the usual suspects of European Märchen. Evil stepmothers: check; plucky youths overcome impossible odds to marry kings' daughter: check; dimwitted peasants given magical gifts: check.

What makes this book special are some tales and motifs that hint at even older lore. Number 27 is for all intents and purposes identical to the Native American 'Earth Diver' creation myth. In 47, man is created from a drop of God's sweat. There are two tales of a global flood in 48 and 49. In 36 there is a very dark 'Abraham and Isaac' story which goes a bit further than the Bible. In 51, there is a story of a hundred-leaved rose bush which resembles images from the Kabbalah and Yogic lore. And number 59 is the tale of St. Patrick in a Balkan setting. All in all, a great anthology of eastern European folklore.

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Bohemian Stories

I. Long, Broad, and Sharpsight
II. 'The Three Golden Hairs of Grandfather Allknow'
III. Goldenhair
IV. Intelligence and Luck
V. The Jezinkas
VI. The Wood-Lady
VII. George with the Goat

Moravian Stories

VIII. Godmother Death
IX. The Four Brothers

Hungarian-Slovenish Stories

X. The Three Lemons
XI. The Sun-Horse
XII. The Golden Spinster
XIII. Are You Angry?

Upper and Lower Lusatian Stories

XIV. Right Always Remains Right
XV. Little Red Hood

Kashubian Story

XVI. Cudgel, Bestir Yourself!

Polish Stories

XVII. Prince Unexpected
XVIII. The Spirit of a Buried Man
XIX. The Pale Maiden
XX. The Plague-Swarm


White Russian Stories

XXI. The Frost, The Sun, and the Wind
XII. Little Rolling-Pea
XXIII. The Wonderful Boys

Little Russian Stories (from Galicia.)

XXIV. God Knows How to Punish Man
XXV. The Good Children
XXVI. The Devil and the Gipsy
XXVII. God and the Devil

Little Russian Stories (from South Russia)

XXVIII. The Beautiful Damsel and the Wicked Old Woman
XXIX. The Snake and the Princess
XXX. Transformation into a Nightingale and a Cuckoo
XXXI. Transmigration of the Soul
XXXII. The Wizard

Great Russian Stories

XXXIII. The Lime-Tree
XXXIV. Ilya of Murom and Nightingale the Robber


Bulgarian Stories

XXXV. The Lord God as an Old Man
XXXVI. Bulgarian Hospitality
XXXVII. Cinderella
XXXVIII. The Golden Apples and the Nine Peahens
XXXIX. The Language of Animals

Serbian Stories

XL. The Lame Fox
XLI. The Sons' Oath to Their Dying Father
XLII. The Wonderful Hair
XLIII. The Dragon and the Prince
XLIV. Fate

Serbian Stories From Bosnia

XLV. The Birdcatcher
XLVI. The Two Brothers

Serbian Stories From Carniola

XLVII. The Origin of Man
XLVIII. God's Cock
XLIX. Kurent The Preserver
L. Kurent and Man
LI. The Hundred-Leaved Rose

Croatian Stories

LII. Kraljevitch Marko
LIII. The Daughter of the King of the Vilas
LIV. The Wonder-Working Lock
LV. The She-Wolf
LVI. Milutin

Illyrian-Slovenish Stories

LVII. The Friendship of a Vila and of the Months
LVIII. The Fisherman's Son
LIX. The White Snake
LX. The Vila