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ONCE upon a time a man went out alone, and met on the road the Sun, the Frost, and the Wind. Well, on meeting them, he gave them a salutation: 'Praised' [be the Lord Jesus Christ]! To which did he present the salutation? The Sun said: 'To me, that I might not burn him.' The Frost said: 'To me, and not to you, for he is not so much afraid of you as of me.' 'Story-tellers! it's false!' said, lastly, the Wind; 'that man presented the salutation not to you two, but to me.' They began to jangle and quarrel together, and all but pulled the mantles off each other's backs. 'Well, if it's so, let's ask him to whom he presented the salutation, to me or to you?' They overtook the man and asked him; then he said: 'To the Wind.' 'Didn't I say that it was to me?' 'Stop you! I'll give you a baking, you rascal!' said the Sun; 'you shall remember me.' Then said the Wind: 'Never fear, he won't bake you; I shall blow and cool him.' 'So will I freeze you up, you scoundrel!' said the Frost. 'Don't be frightened, poor fellow! then I shan't blow, and he'll do nothing to you; he doesn't freeze you up without a wind.'

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