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Public domain image from Tales of the Dartmoor Pixies

Tales of the Dartmoor Pixies

by William Crossing


Title Page
Chapter I: The Moorland Haunts of the Pixies
Chapter II: The Pixies' Trysting Place
Chapter III: By the Peat Filled Hearth
Chapter IV: Lough Tor Hole. The Huccaby Courting
Chapter V: The Pixie at the Ockerry. Jimmy Townsend and his Sister Race
Chapter VI: The Ungrateful Farmer.--The Pixy Threshers.--Rewarding a Pixy
Chapter VII: Nanny Norrish and the Pixies.--The Ploughman's Breakfast.--The Pixy Riders.--Jan Coo
Chapter VIII: The Borrowed Colts.--The Boulder in the Room.--Vickeytoad.--Modilla and Podilla
Chapter IX: The Lost Path.--The Pixies' Revel.--Conclusion