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Irische Texte iii. page 89.

'A Mongáín, a Manandáin,
ni minec bar merugud
  isin brug co m-beócraidi
ó Tuind Clidna comfada
is torachta in tebugud [20]
  co Trácht n-álaind n-Eóthaili.'

'O Monagán, O Manannán,
Your wandering is not frequent
  In the land with living heart
From Tonn Clidna of even length [25]
The . . . is winding
To the beautiful strand of Eothaile.'

Quoted as an example of the metre called Casbairdne seisedach (ṡedradhach). Tonn Clidna (Toun Cleena) is a loud surge in the bay of Glandore, co. Cork. See its dinnshenchas, Rev. [30]

p. 86

[paragraph continues] Celt. xv. p. 437. Tracht Eóthaili (Trawohelly) is on the coast of Sligo.

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