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"Put your question," said the green maidens (p. 266)

Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales

by Sir George Douglas


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This is a collection of Scottish folklore which will appeal to all ages. There are animal tales, stories of the fairies of Scotland including Brownies, Bogles, Kelpies, Mermaids and others, and tales of Witches and of Giants. While many of the themes are similar to other European folk-tales, this collection emphasizes specifically Scottish aspects of the stories.

Title Page
The Three Green Men of Glen Nevis.

Nursery Stories

The Story of the White Pet
The Milk-White Doo.
The Croodin Doo
The Cattie Sits in the Kiln-Ring Spinning
Marriage of Robin Redbreast and the Wren
The Tempted Lady
The Fause Knight and the Wee Boy
The Strange Visitor

Stories of Animals

The Fox Outwitted
The Fox Troubled With Fleas
The Fox and the Bag-Pipes
The Fox's Stratagem
The Fox and the Wrens
The Fox and the Cock
How the Wolf Lost His Tail
Frog and Crow
The Grouse Cock and His Wife
The Eagle and the Wren
The Wren's Presumption
The Two Foxes
The Bee and the Mouse
The Two Mice
Alexander Jones

Fairy Tales

The Fairies of Scotland
The Fairy and the Miller's Wife
Sir Godfrey Macculloch
The Laird O' Co'
The Tulman
The Isle Of Pabaidh
Water Fairies
Fairy Transportation
The Poor Man of Peatlaw
The Fairy Boy of Leith
Mind the Crooked Finger
The Two Young Ploughmen
The Smith and the Fairies
The Lothian Farmer's Wife
Redemption From Fairy Land
The Fairy and the Bible-Reader
Thom and Willie
The Gloaming Bucht
The Fairy's Song
The Faithful Purse-Bearer

The Brownie, The Bogle, The Kelpy, Mermen, Demons

The Scottish Brownie
The Brownie Of Bodsbeck
The Brownie And The Thievish Maids
The Bogle
The Doomed Rider
Graham Of Morphie
The Fisherman and the Merman
The Mermaid Wife
The Seal-Catcher's Adventure
The Mermaid Of Knockdolion
The Young Laird Of Lorntie
The Two Shepherds
The Silly Mutton


Macgillichallum of Razay
The Witch Of Laggan
The Blacksmith's Wife of Yarrowfoot
The Miller of Holdean
Ronaldson of Bowden
The Farmer's Wife Of Deloraine
Laird Harry Gilles
The Missing Web
The Witches Of Delnabo
The Brazen Brogues

Comic Tales

The Wee Bunnock
The Tale of The Shifty Lad, The Widow's Son
Lothian Tom
The Ploughman's Glory; Or, Tom's Song.
The Witty Exploits of Mr. George Buchanan, the King's Fool

Literary Tales

The Haunted Ships
Elphin Irving
Cousin Mattie
Rat Hall