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14. A WOMAN (it ƒeems ane Exception from the generall Rule,) ƒingularlie wiƒe in theƒe Matters of Foirƒight, living in Colaƒnach, ane Iƒle of the Hebrides, (in the Time of the Marqueƒs of Montroƒe his Wars with the States in Scotland,) being notorious among many; and ƒo examined by ƒome that violently ƒeazed that Iƒle, if ƒhe ƒaw them coming or not? She ƒaid, ƒhe ƒaw them coming many Hours before they came in View of the Iƒle. But earneƒtly looking, ƒhe ƒome times took them for Enemyes, ƒometime for Friends; and morover they look't as if they went from the Iƒle, not as Men approaching it, which made her not put the Inhabitants on their Guard. The Matter was, that the Barge wherein the Enemie ƒailed, was a little befoir taken from the Inhabitants of that fame Iƒle, and the Men had their Backs towards the Iƒle, when they were plying the oares towards it. Thus this old Scout and Delphian Oracle was at leaƒt deceived, and did deceave. Being aƒked who gave her ƒuch Sights


p. 33

and Warnings, ƒhe ƒaid, that as ƒoon as ƒhe ƒet three Croƒƒes of Straw upon the Palm of her Hand, a great ugly Beaƒt ƒprang out of the Earth neer her, and flew in the Air. If what ƒhe enquired had Succeƒs according to her Wiƒh, the Beaft would deƒcend calmly, and lick up the Croƒƒes. If it would not ƒucceid, the Beaft would furiouƒly thruƒt her and the Croƒƒes over on the Ground, and ƒo vaniƒh to his Place.

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