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13. THE Minor Sort of Seers prognoƒticat many future Events, only for a Month's Space, from the Shoulder-bone of a Sheep on which a Knife never came, (for as before is ƒaid, and the Nazarits of old had ƒomething of it) Iron hinders all the Opperations of those that travell in the Intrigues of theƒe hidden Dominions. By looking into the Bone, they will tell if Whoredom be committed in the Owner's Houƒe; what Money the Maƒter of the Sheep had; if any will die out of that Houƒe for that Moneth; and if any Cattell there will take a Trake, as


p. 32

if Planet-ƒtruck. Then will they preƒcribe a Preƒervative and Prevention.

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