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11. THESE Subterraneans have Controverƒies, Doubts, Diƒputs, Feuds, and Siding of Parties; there being ƒome Ignorance in all Creatures, and the vaƒteƒt created Intelligences not compaƒƒing all Things. As to Vice and Sin, whatever their own Laws be, ƒure, according to ours, and Equity, natural, civil, and reveal'd, they tranƒgreƒs and commit Acts of Injuƒtice, and Sin, by what is above ƒaid, as to their ƒtealling of Nurƒes to their Children, and that other ƒort of Plaginiƒm in catching our Children away, (may ƒeem to heir ƒome Eƒtate in thoƒe inviƒible Dominions,) which never returne. For the Inconvenience of their Succubi, who tryƒt with Men, it is abominable; but for Swearing and Intemperance, they are not obƒerved ƒo ƒubjct to thoƒe Irregularities, as to Envy, Spite, Hypocracie, Lieing, and Diƒƒimulation.

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