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HESE Siths, or FAIRIES, they call Sleagh Maith, or the Good People, it would ƒeem, to prevent the Dint of their ill Attempts, (for the Iriƒh uƒe to bleƒs all they fear Harme of;) and are ƒaid to be of a midle Nature betuixt Man and Angel, as were Dæmons thought to be of old; of intelligent fluidious (?) Spirits, and light changable Bodies, (lyke thoƒe called Aƒtral,) ƒomewhat of the Nature of a condenƒed Cloud, and beƒt ƒeen in Twilight. Thes Bodies be ƒo plyable thorough the Subtilty of the Spirits that agitate them, that they can make them appear or diƒappear att Pleaƒure. Some have Bodies or Vehicles ƒo ƒpungious, thin, and delecat (?), that they are ƒed by only ƒucking into ƒome fine ƒpirituous Liquors, that peirce lyke


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pure Air and Oyl: others ƒeid more groƒs on the Foyƒon or ƒubƒtance of Corns and Liquors, or Corne it ƒelfe that grows on the Surface of the Earth, which theƒe Fairies ƒteall away, partly inviƒible, partly preying on the Grain, as do Crowes and Mice; wherefore in this ƒame Age, they are ƒome times heard to bake Bread, ƒtrike Hammers, and do ƒuch lyke Services within the little Hillocks they moƒt haunt: ƒome whereof of old, before the Goƒpell diƒpelled Paganiƒm, and in ƒome barbarous Places as yet, enter Houƒes after all are at reƒt, and ƒet the Kitchens in order, cleanƒing all the Veƒƒels. Such Drags goe under the name of Brownies. When we have plenty, they have Scarcity at their Homes; and on the contrarie (for they are empowred to catch as much Prey everywhere as they pleaƒe,) there Robberies notwithƒtanding oft tymes occaƒƒion great Rickes of Corne not to bleed ƒo weill, (as they call it,) or prove ƒo copious by verie farr as wes expected by the Owner.

THERE Bodies of congealled Air are ƒome tymes caried aloft, other whiles grovell in different Schapes, and enter into any Cranie or Clift


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of the Earth where Air enters, to their ordinary Dwellings; the Earth being full of Cavities and Cells, and there being no Place nor Creature but is ƒuppoƒed to have other Animals (greater or leƒƒer) living in or upon it as Inhabitants; and no ƒuch thing as a pure Wilderneƒs in the whole Univerƒe.

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