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p. 3

Secret Commonwealth


A Treatiƒe diƒplayeing the Chiefe Curioƒities
as they are in Uƒe among diverƒe of the
People of Scotland to this Day;
moƒt Part peculiar to
that Nation.

A Subject not heretofore diƒcourƒed of by any of our
Writters; and yet ventured on in an Eƒƒay
to ƒuppreƒs the impudent and growing
Atheiƒme of this Age, and to
ƒatiƒfie the deƒire of ƒome
choice Freinds.


Then a Spirit paƒƒed before my Face, the Hair of my Fleƒh ƒtood up; it ƒtood ƒtill, but I could not diƒcerne the Forme thereof; ane Image was before mine Eyes.--Job, 4. 15, 16.

This is a REBELLIOUS PEOPLE, which ƒay to the Siers, ƒie not; and to the Prophets, propheƒie not unto us right Things, bot ƒpeak unto us ƒmoothe Things.--Iƒaiah, 30. 9, 10.

And the Man whoƒe Eyes were open hath ƒaid.--Numbers, 24. 15.

For now we ƒie thorough a Glaƒs darkly, but then Face to Face.--1 Corinth. 13. 12.

It doth not yet appear what we ƒhall be; but we ƒhall be lyke God, and ƒie him as he is.--1 John, 3. 2.

Μη γιγιαντες μαιωδησονται ὑποκατωδεν ὑδατος και των γειτονων αυτον;--Job, 26. 5 (Septuag.).

By MR ROBERT KIRK, Miniƒter at Aberfoill.



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