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The Folk-Lore of the Isle of Man

A. W. Moore


Title Page
Table of Contents
Chapter I. Myths Connected with the Legendary History of the Isle of Man
Chapter II. Hagiogical, and Mytho-historical Legends
Chapter III. Fairies and Familiar Spirits
Chapter IV. Hobgoblins, Monsters, Giants, Mermaids, Apparitions, &c.
Chapter V. Magic, Witchcraft, &c.
Chapter VI. Customs and Superstitions Connected With the Seasons
Chapter VII. Superstitions Connected With the Sun, Animals, Trees, Plants, Sacred Edifices, &c.
Chapter VIII. Customs and Superstitions Connected with Birth, Marriage, and Death
Chapter IX. Customs Formerly Enforced by Law
Chapter X. Proverbs and Sayings