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ACCORDING to the sacred ode of Cyridwen, the Ogyrven of various seeds,--
The various seeds of poetic harmony, the exalted speech of the graduated minstrel,
Cuhelyn the wise, of elegant Cymraec, an exalted possession,
Will skilfully sing; the right of Aedan, the lion, shall be heard.
A song of fulness, worthy of a chair, a powerful composition it is.
From suitors may he receive eulogy, and they presents from him; p. 501
The bond of sovereigns, the subject of contests in harmonious song.
Splendid are his horses, hundreds respect him, the skilful seek the chieftain,
The circle of deliverance, the nation's refuge and a treasure of mutual reproach.
10 To banter with him, who is of a venerable form, I would devoutly desire;
A broad defence, like a ship to the suppliant, and a port to the minstrel,
Quick as lightning, a powerful native, a chief whose might is sharp;
A luminary of sense, much he knows, completely he accomplishes.
May the hero of the banquet, through peace, enforce tranquillity from this day.

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