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GOD supreme, be mine the Awen! Amen; fiat!
A successful song of fruitful praise, relating to the bustling course of the host,
According to the sacred ode of Cyridwen, the goddess of various seeds,
The various seeds of poetic harmony, the exalted speech of the graduated minstrel,
Cuhelyn the bard of elegant Cymraec utterly rejects.
A poem for a favour, the gift of friendship, will not be maintained. .
But a composition of thorough praise is being brought to thee,
Splendid singer in a choir, and of a song equal in length and motion.
Appropriate and full were the tuneful horns, gloriously ascended the conflagration p. 499
10 Of the nation of the border, whose troops were of the same pace and simultaneous movement.
Praise the here, whose gift is large, the benefit of humble suitors,
Light is the rebuke of the rallying-point of relatives, the winner of praise,
A skilful fastener, for a hundred calends, the accumulator of heat;
A fierce frowning wolf, whose inflexible disposition is law, accustomed to jurisdiction.
Eidoel was a man extremely brave, very choice and full of wisdom;
A leader as regards the Brython, full of knowledge and prudence, fiery in his wrath;
Accustomed to hatred, accustomed to harmony, and to the high seat in the banquet of mead;
Partaker of the intoxicating wine, a knight of the list, a place of limitation;
A lord who is the measurer of the wall, the delight of the four quarters, the great centre power;
20 A knight of stout conduct, a knight of virtuous conduct, with warriors full of rage;
A guardian celebrated in song, a fine panegyric, the blandishment of language.
Odious was his death by Nognaw. Am I not agitated? The active and eloquent one will I praise;
A contented ruler, a restless guardian, energetic and wise.
A company of active reapers, melodious poetry, and the assuaging of wrath
A talented hero, like a furious wave over the strand,
The marrow of fine songs, a contemplative mind, a sacred mystery;
A servitor with knowledge, the possession of mead, in agreeable eulogy; p. 500
Music which has melody like that of a golden organ, a place of retirement;
The action of law against violence, the admirable vigour of the brave, the energy of the Supreme Being.
30 A blessing I will venture to ask, a blessing I will pray for, I will bind myself thereby;
The wonderful rush of the gale, the pervasion of fire, the war of youth;
One deserving of ruddy gold, one liberal of praise furrowed (with age), a free wing;
Ready affluence, a rill in a pleasant shelter, a reward for a panegyric.
The most deserving will yield, he will keep his refuge from the insult of the enemy:
He has completely kept the law, completely shown his disposition before the placid Ogyrven.
For a good turn from me, may the gift of Cuhelyn give satisfaction of mind.

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