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IN making the incantation of the red water, the exorcist forms her two palms into a basin. She places this basin under the urine of the cow or other animal affected, and throws the urine into water, p. 121 preferably running water, to carry away the demon of the complaint. Having washed her hands in clean cold water, the woman forms them into a trumpet. She then faces the rising sun, and intones the incantation through the trumpet as loudly as she can.



p. 120


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AN ainm Athar caoimh,
An ainm Mic na caoidh,
An ainm Spioraid Naoimh.

Muir mor, muir ruadh,
Neart mara, neart cuain,
Naoi tobraiche Mhic-a-Lir,
Cobhair ort a shil,
Casg a chur air t-fhuil,
Ruith a chur air t-fhual.
      [An t-ainm.]


IN name of the Father of love,
In name of the Son of sorrow,
In name of the Sacred Spirit.

Great wave, red wave,
Strength of sea, strength of ocean,
The nine wells of Mac-Lir,
Help on thee to pour,
Put stop to thy blood,
Put flood to thy urine.
       [The name.]


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