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1. Three particular ones: one God; one truth; and one point of liberty; and to know those threes will bring to Gwynvyd.

2. Three particular twos: the two sexes of living beings, namely, male and female; two principles, namely, good and evil; and the two heads of necessity, namely, beginning and end.

3. Three particular threes: the three characteristics of order, number, weight, and measure; the three bodily perceptions, seeing, hearing, and feeling; and the three principal faculties 4 of the intellect, 5 to love, to hate, and to judge. 6

p. 398 p. 399

4. Three particular fours: the four parts of the world and measure, east, south, north, and west; the four points of the sun, namely, the winter solstice, the vernal equinox, the summer solstice, and the autumnal equinox; and the four properties of form, namely, round, triangular, square, and flat.

5. Three particular fives: the five felicities of life, namely, health, liberty, love, welcome, and respect; the five columns of justice, fear, courage, hatred, love, and truth; and the five constituents of matter, earth, water, air, fire, and heaven.

6. Three particular sixes. 1


397:4 p. 396 Al. "perceptions."

397:5 Al. "the soul."

397:6 Al. "to understand."

399:1 p. 398 The rest are wanting.

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