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The five materials of every existence and life: calas; fluidity; air; 2 sun; 3 and nwyvre. 4

p. 384 p. 385

They are thus variously arranged:--

Calas, fluidity, and nwyvre; 1 and the uvel unites with the nwyvre, the air unites with the uvel, the water, or fluidity, unites with the air, and the calas unites with fluidity.


383:2 p. 382 Al. "breath." Al. "firmament."

383:3 Al. "fire." Al. "uvel." Al. "uddel."

383:4 Al. "the soul." Al. "nyvel," i.e. a subtil element.

385:1 p. 384 Al. "enyvel" = nyvel. Al. "animation." Al. "soul." Al. "uddel" = uvel.

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