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39. The three privileges of Gwynvyd: the complete predominance of love over hatred; complete power, under

p. 358 p. 359

the privilege of right and bliss, derived from universal knowledge; and complete satisfaction with every thing, since every opposition and Cythraul have ceased.

40. Three things that are endless: fire, that is, light; life, that is, God; and understanding, that is, truth.

41. The three necessities of all animations: vocation; awen; and privilege; and there is nothing else in the primary nature of these that is thoroughly one with it.

42. The three necessities prior to perfect knowledge: to see; to suffer; and to remember every thing, in every state of life.

43. Three things which man knows not what they are: God; nonentity; and infinitude.

44. The three sources of knowledge: reason; nature; and impulse.


357:2 p. 356 These follow the preceding, in Iolo's manuscript, without any heading, except, "*These marks refer to the printed copy. After 38," which seems to indicate that they belong to the "Triads of Bardism," which are published in the "Lyric Poems."

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