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1. Keep thy eyes upon God, worship Him, and do no dishonour to Him in His presence.

2. Justice and love, with peace and truth, are the materials of immortal life.

3. Avoid adultery and the violation of marriage.

4. Commit no depredation and pillage.

5. There is nothing just for any one, except what will suffice him in the face of death.

6. Impart the knowledge of God to all, and the instruction of man to such as will receive it.

7. Insert ........ * and the order of time in the memorials of theological sciences.

8. Do thy best, to the extent of reason and power, and leave the impossible excess to God, and His will.

9. Give of thy wealth and property an oblation to God and his poor, that thou mayest not be accursed, and that thou mayest not pine away; for God will have his own.

10. There is nothing which has not been made by God; there is nothing which does not belong to God, and not to another. Leave to God what He wills.

And thus end the Ten Commandments of St Paul, which he received from the mouth of Jesus Christ, the Son of grace.


289:* p. 288 Illegible in the MS.

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