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Question. What is conscience?

Answer. The eye of God in the heart of man, which sees every thing that is perceptible, in its right form, place, time, cause, and purpose.

Q. What is reason?

A. The revolving of the conscience, whilst it contemplates by means of sight, hearing, and experience, whatever comes before it.

Q, What is understanding?

A. The working of the conscience, whilst it exercises its energies and might for the purpose of acquiring and improving good sciences.

Q. What is wisdom?

A. Sciences acquired by the revolving of the reason, and the powerful working of the intellect, which obtain sciences from God and goodness,--and by success in the improvement of them.

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Q. What is sense?

A. The exercise and rectification of wisdom, by studying the manner in which it has been obtained, and tasting the counsels of other wise men.

Thus thou knowest the correct saying of wisdom;--"Take as an answer, I know, and I do not know, and try to understand it. Ile who possesses wisdom, will correct himself, and will not stand in need of another."

Q. Didst thou not say that wisdom may be rectified by the counsel of wise men

A. Yes; for trying the advice of wise men, and tasting that which is wise, causes one to improve in wisdom, that is, not by the acquisition of counsel and instruction, but by applying them to the taste, as if bodily food were given to the wretch that asked it. It is not the giver that feeds the body, but he that takes what is proper for him, omitting what is otherwise.

Q: What is God?

A. The life of all lives.

Q. What is the spirit of God?

A. The power of all powers.

Q. What is the providence of God?

A . The order of orders, and the system of systems.

Q. What is the power of God?

A. The knowledge of all knowledge, the art of all arts, and the agent of all agents.

Q. What is truth?

A. The sciences of wisdom preserved in memory by conscience.

Q. What is justice?

A. The art and office of conscience, regulated by reason, understanding, and wisdom, considering and acting accordingly.

Q. What is judgment?

A. God co-reasoning with man in his conscience, in respect of the knowledge which he possesses, after he has revolved in his mind what has been demonstrated.

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Q. What is the soul?

A. The breath of God in a carnal body.

Q. What is life?

A. The might of God.

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