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Question. What material did God use in the formation of the world, namely, the heaven and the earth, and other things known and conceived?

Answer. The manred, that is, the smallest of all the small, so that a smaller could not be, which flowed 3 in one sea through all the Ceugant--God being its life, and pervading each atom, and God moving in it, and changing the condition of the manred, without undergoing a change in

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[paragraph continues] Himself. For life is unchangeable in all its motions, but the condition of that which is moved is not one and the same. Therefore, because God is in every motion, (ymmod,) one of God's Names is MODUR, 1 and the condition that is moved is called Moduransawdd2


261:3 p. 260This explains the component rhed, which occurs in the word "manred;"--q. d. the flowing particles.

263:1 p. 262 "The Mover."

263:2 "The condition of the Mover."

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