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Question. In what place is Annwn?

Answer. Where there is the least possible of animation and life, and the greatest of death, without other condition.

Q. What are the characteristics of life?

A. Lightness, light, heat, and incorruption, that is, unchangeableness. 2

Q. What are the characteristic marks of death?

A. Heaviness, cold, darkness, and corruption, that is, changeableness.

Q. In what does the nature of death and mortality consist?

A. In its characteristics, where one is the cause of another, as heaviness is the cause of darkness, and both the cause of corruption, and corruption the cause of both.

Q. In what does the necessity of animation and life consist?

A. In its characteristics, that is, brightness, and light, and lightness, and incorruption, one being the cause of another--hence God and life.


243:2 p. 243 Al. ''stability.''

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