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The twelve primary Negatives, called in some books the Lesson of the Gwyddoniaid, but in other books the Lesson of Tydain.

There is nothing sought after but what is precious;
There is nothing precious but what is beneficial;
There is nothing beneficial but possession;
There is no possession but Gwynvyd;
There is no Gwynvyd but knowledge;
There is no knowledge but what is new;
There is nothing new but what changes;

p. 218 p. 219

There is no change but what is advantageous;
There is no advantage but what is beautiful;
There is nothing beautiful but what is just;
There is nothing just but love;
There is no love but God.

And thus it ends.

Tydain the Father of Awen sang it, says the Book of Sion Cent.



217:3 p. 216 "Cynnegolion," the plural of "cynnegawl," a word compounded of cyn, primary, and neg, adj. negawl, negation.

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