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The three wreathed Bards of the Isle of Britain: Tydai, 1 the Bard of Huon, 2 who was the first that arranged the mode of dwelling according to clans for the nation of the Cymry; and Rhuvawn 3 the Bard, who conferred system and privilege upon the co-aration of a township; and Melgin; 4 son of Einigan the Giant, who was the first that made a symbol for language and speech. And a wreath was given to each around his head, that is, of the air-growing misletoe. (From various Triads, collected out of different manuscripts in Glamorgan.)


115:1 p. 114 Probably Tydain, the father of Awen. See Note 2, p. 40.

115:2 The same, most likely, as Hu the Mighty, who in the Triads (57, Third Series) is said to have himself "first collected and disposed the nation of the Cymry into tribes."

115:3 Mentioned by Edmund Prys in one of his poems See Note 1, p. 34.

115:4 p. 115 His name also occurs in the same poem:--

Melchin a Mefin myfyr.

Melgin and contemplative Mevin.

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