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(From the Book of Ben Simon.)

One ten times will make ten, ten ten times will make a hundred, a hundred ten times will make a thousand, a thousand ten times will make a myriad, a myriad ten times will make a buna, a buna ten times will make a cattriv. 1

After this the number is according to tens, thus; ten cattrivs, a hundred cattrivs, a thousand cattrivs, a myriad cattrivs, a buna cattrivs, cattriv of cattrivs, or cad-gattrivs, a hundred cad-gattrivs, a thousand cad-gattrivs, a myriad cad-gattrivs, a cattriv cad-gattrivs; then ten cattriv cad-gattrivs. After that, the nine circles of the nine degrees, for ever and ever; and at the end of such a circle, the renovation of all things to the end of the nine circles of the state of novation, which are called the nine degrees of heaven. 2 And at the end of every circle a beginning anew.


107:1 p. 106 The number of battle. In al. cattyrva.


Tad nawnef i ti dyn anwyl
Tudur aeth at Tad yr wyl.

The Father of the nine heaven to thee, beloved man,
Tudur has gone to the Father of the feast.
          Sion ap Hywel ap Ll. Vychan-1460, 1490.

p. 107

Mae gorph mewn bedd,
Gwyn yn gorwedd;

p. 108

Mae enaid e
’N rhodio 'r gradde.

His fair corpse is lying in the grave,
His soul is perambulating the gradations.
               Thos. ap Ieuan ap Rhys, 1600.

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