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Some have substituted


But the best of all is the old Coelbren, as Gwilym Tew 1 has arranged it in his Book of Vocal Song, and the easiest to cut, and of least labour.

Some have placed without , but that is an error, for has the weight of , and no more; therefore it ought to be , and not .

p. 88 p. 89

Here are other modifications of the Coelbren, which I have seen with Meurig Davydd. * 1



85:1 p. 84 Llawdden, or Ieuan Llawdden, was a very eminent Poet, who flourished from about 1440 to 1480. He was at one time Rector of Machynlleth, but in his old age he retired to the place of his nativity, the Vale of Llychwr, where he died, and was buried in the Churchyard of Llandeilo Talybont. His elegy p. 85 was written by his contemporary, Iorwerth Vynglwyd, from which we learn that he obtained the highest bardic honours.

87:1 p. 86 Gwilym Tew was a Poet who flourished from 1430 to 1470, and who presided at the Glamorgan Gorsedd in 1460.

89:* p. 88 Taliesin Williams says that this observation is Llywelyn Sion's.

89:1 An eminent Poet of Glamorgan, who presided in the Gorsedd Morganwg in the year 1560, and died in 1600. Llywelyn Sion in the early part of his life was well acquainted with him.

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