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The three principal elements 2 of every thing: power; matter; and mode. 3

p. 48 p. 49

The three principal elements of sciences: life; intellect; and affection. 1

The three elements of wisdom: object; mode; and benefit.

The three elements of memorials: understanding from affection; distinctive sign; and reverence for the better.

The three elements of letters, ; that is to say, from a combination of one or other of the three are letters made. They are three rays of light. And of these are made the sixteen gogyrvens, that is, the sixteen letters. According to a different arrangement there are seven gogyrvens and seven, 2 the seven words and seven score 3 in the Alphabet of the Cymraeg being no other than a sign of worthiness; and it is from them that every other word proceeds. Others say seven score and seven hundred words.


47:2 Al. "conditions."

47:3 Al. "condition." Al. "energy."

49:1 p. 48 Al. "intellect; affection; and deliberation."

49:2 Probably "score" is to be supplied.


Saith ugein ogrfen
Y sydd yn Awen.

p. 49

Seven score gogyrvens
Are there in Awen.--Taliesin.

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