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Lady Wilde
Lady Wilde

Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms, and Superstitions of Ireland

by Lady Francesca Speranza Wilde

Title Page
The Horned Women
A Legend of Ballytowtas Castle
A Wolf Story
The Evil Eye
The Stolen Bride
Fairy Music
The Fairy Dance
Fairy Justice
The Priest's Soul
The Fairy Race
The Trial by Fire
The Lady Witch
Ethna the Bride
The Fairies Revenge
Fairy Help--The Phouka
The Farmer Punished
The Farmer's Wife
The Midnight Ride
The Leprehaun
The Legends of the Western Isles
The Bride's Death-Song
The Child's Dream
The Fairy Child
The Doom
The Clearing from Guilt
The Holy Well and the Murderer
Legends of Innis-Sark--A Woman's Curse
Legends of the Dead in the Western Islands
The Death Sign
November Eve
The Dance of the Dead
Superstitions Concerning the Dead
The Fatal Love-Charm
The Fenian Knights
Rathlin Island
The Strange Guests
The Dead Soldier
The Three Gifts
The Fairies as Fallen Angels
The Fairy Changeling
Fairy Wiles
The Tuatha-de Danaan
Edain the Queen
The Royal Steed
Cathal the King
The Poet's Malediction
Drimial Agus Thorial
An Irish Adept of the Islands
The May Festival
May-Day Superstitions
Whitsuntide Legend of the Fairy Horses
November Spells
November Eve
A Terrible Revenge
The Baal Fires and Dances
The Fairy Doctress
Marraige Rites
The Dead
The Wake Orgies
The Ancient Mysteries
The Power of the Word
The Poet and the King
The Sidhe Race
Poet Inspiration--Eodain the Poetess
The Banshee
Queen Maeve
Death Signs
The Hartpole Doom
The Fairy Rath
Fairy Nature
Irish Nature
Legends of Animals
Concerning Dogs
Concerning Cats
The King of the Cats
The Demon Cat
Cat Nature
Seanchan the Bard and the King of the Cats
The Bards
King Arthur and the Cat
Concerning Cows
Fairy Wiles
The Dead Hand
The Wicked Widow
The Butter Mystery
Concerning Birds
The Magpie
The Wren
The Raven and the Water Wagtail
The Cuckoo and the Robin Redbreast
The Cricket
The Beetle
The Hare
The Weasel
The Properties of Herbs and Their Use in Medicine
A Love Potion
Love Dreams
To Cause Love
Medical Superstitions and Ancient Charms
Against Sorrow
To Win Love
For the Night Fire (the Fever)
For a Pain in the Side
For the Measles
For the Mad Fever
Against Enemies
To Extract a Thorn
To Cause Hatred between Lovers
For Love
How to have Money Always
For the Great Worm
For Sore Eyes
For Pains in the Body
Against Drowning
In Time of Battle
For the Red Rash
To Tame a Horse
A Very Ancient Charm against Wounds or Poisons
For a Sore Breast
For a Wound
For the Evil Eye
For St. Anthony's Fire
How to go Invisible
For Pains
For a Sprain
To Cause Love
For the Bite of a Mad Dog
For Toothache
For Freckles
For a Burn
For the Memory
For the Falling Sickness
For Chin-Cough
For Rheumatism
For a Stye on the Eyelid
To Cure Warts
For a Stitch in the Side
For Weak Eyes
For Water on the Brain
For Hip Disease
For the Mumps
For Epilepsy
For Depression of Heart
For the Fairy Dart
Various Superstitions and Cures
To Find Stolen Goods
A Prayer against the Plague
A Blessing
A Cure for Cattle
A Charm for Safety
An Elixir of Potency
For the Bite of a Mad Dog
Fairy Doctors
Charms by Crystals
Fairy Power
Omens and Superstitions
That Forebode Evil
To Attract Bees
Concerning the Dead
The Coastguard's Fate
St. Patrick
The Well of the Book
St. Patrick and the Serpent
St. Patrick and the Princesses
The Poison Cup
The Blind Poet
The Story of the Breccan
Bardic Priviliges
St. Ciaron
St. Martin
St. Bridget
St. Kieran
St. Kevin
Christian Legends
The Cremave
Relics for clearing from Guilt
The Evil Stroke
The Changeling
The Fairy Doctor
The Poet's Spell
Charm for the Fairy Stroke
The Farmer's Fate
The Fairy Rath
The Holy Wells
The White Stones
The Sacred Trout
St. Augustine's Well
The Grilled Trout
Legend of Neal-Mor
St John's Well
The Well of Fionn Ma-Coul
St. Seenan's Well
The Well of Worship
The Bride's Well
The Irish Fakir
Sacred Trees
Lough Neagh
The Doctor and the Fairy Princess
A Holy Well
A Sacred Island
The Lake of Revenge
Scenes at a Holy Well
Lough Foyle
The Hen's Castle
Sliabh-Mish, County Kerry
The Skelligs of Kerry
The Sidhe Race
The Hurling Match
The Ride with the Fairies
The Fairy Spy
The Dark Horseman
Captain Webb, The Robber Chief
The Mayo Captain and Feenish the Mare
The Bardic Race
The Ancient Race
The Antiquities of Ireland
Early Irish Art
Our Ancient Capital