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Title Page
Foreword: Wizards in Folk-Lore
The Magic Drum Calls You!

Lapland of Aurora Colors, Mossy Tundras, And Reindeer Herds

From Lapland
The Battle of the Wizards
Kari Woodencoat
The Giant Who Did Not Like Bones
Naughty, Naughty Spider!
What Happened to Some Lapp Children: The Boys Who Did Not Get A Magic Cow
The Uldas' Old Mother
The Moon Daughter's Magic
The Red-Haired Wizard

Finland of the Thousand Lakes, Lost Daughter of the Baltic Sea

From Finland
Magic Singing
The Living Kantele
The Hidden Maiden
The Rainbow Maiden
Forging of the Magic Sampo
The Wizard with the Lolling Red Tongue

Estonia, Wise and Free, Land of Wonder Legends

From Estonia
The Singing Sword
The Maiden of the Milky Way
The Luck Egg
Wood of Tontla
The Magic Maiden
Golden Wonders
The Wizard with Yellow Eyeballs and Green Hair

Latvia Of Feast Of Flowers, And, Courland, God's Own Little Country

From Latvia
The Gold Axe
What Witches Tell
Little White Dog
The Duckling With Golden Feathers
The Wizard with Bushy Golden Head and Apple-Red Cheeks

Lithuania of the Fragrant Amber

From Lithuania
Luck, Luck in the Red Coat!
Poor Man and Never-Enough
Little White Horse
One Hundred Hares
Mannikin Long Beard
The Vanishment!

Interesting Things

The Tiny History of East Baltic Lands
The Tiny Dictionary of Strange East Baltic Things