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So ended Kurbads giant-strong, from Latvia of the crystal streams, his Wonder Stories.

The Four Ancient Wizards of the South Baltic Lands, ground their teeth, whistled, howled, and were still.

And the Great Nischergurgje struck his Magic Drum with his golden drum-hammer--Boom! Boom! Boom!--Boom! Boom! Boom!

Then a golden glow shone through the smoke-hole in the top of the tent. A ray of sunshine like a golden spear glided downward and lighted the faces of the Lapp children. And the Lapp men and Lapp women screamed and cried with joy. The Lapp children shouted, and held out their brown hands to play with the sun's bright ray and to warm them. And the little dogs barked, and all the Lapp folk screamed and shouted again.

Weeks had passed while the Magic Stories were being told, and the Lapp people did not know it!

And the Great Nischergurgje swayed to and fro with joy, and struck his Drum, and sang and sang:

"How beautiful is Lapland, silvery silent Lapland! The Long Night is departing! A rosy glow bathes the snow fields. See! The sun's golden face smiles over the peaks of the mountains! See! The rich bright colors shimmer over the snowy plains! The mountain slopes glow purple, the high tops of the mountains are gilded, the lower ones are veiled violet mist. On every birch and aspen hang crystals of ice that glow like sparkling colored jewels.

"The sun, the sun has come! Each day he will linger longer, till he stays day and night. Beautiful, beautiful is Lapland, silent, silvery Lapland, when the sun shows his golden face over the rim of the world!

"Come now, while we wait for the Long Summer Day, let the feast be served and tales be told."

And the feast was served again.

And the Four Ancient Wizards whistled, howled, ground their teeth, and were still.

And the Lapp people laughed and shook with joy, and were still, and listened.

Then Nischergurgje struck his Magic Drum, and called out:

"Jakamas with the bushy golden head, pointed eyes, and apple-red cheeks, tell us Wonder Tales from your wonder land, Lithuania of the fragrant amber."

Jakamas bowed his bushy golden head, winked and laughed with his pointed eyes, and swelled out his apple-red cheeks, and began.

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