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Tewa Girl (Edward Curtis) [pre-1923] (Public Domain Image)

Songs of the Tewa

tr. by Herbert Joseph Spinden


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This is a collection of poetry of the Tewa. The Tewa are a Pueblo culture, who live on the Hopi Reservation in Arizona. This monograph includes translations of a cycle of Tewa poems. An appendix has interlinear texts for some of the Tewa songs. The book is preceeded by an essay on Native American poetry and literature, including samples from the north to the south of the American continent.

Title Page
Author's Preface
An Essay on American Indian Poetry

Part I: Home Songs

I. The Road of Magic
II. That Mountain Far Away
III. I Wonder How My Home Is
IV. The Willows by the Water Side
V. Banter
VI. Lost Love
VII. Thamu's Song
VII. Shadows
IX. The Inconstant Lover
X. Disillusion
XII. Rags Are Royal Raiment . . . . .
XIII. When the Trading Party Sets Out
XIV. When the War Party Sets Out
A Corn Grinding Song of Tesuque
XVI. The Blue Flower Basket
XVII. The Rabbit by the River
XVIII. Rains for the Harvest
XIX. The Cloud-Flower Lullaby
XX. A Lullaby of Nambe
XXI. Lullaby of Cannibal Giants
XXII. Sleepy Bird Lullaby
XXIII. Children's Flower Song of Nambe

Part II. Sacred Chants and Ceremonial Songs

XXIV. Initiation Chant of the Kwirana K’osa
XXV. Initiation Song of the Tewa K’osa
XXVI. Lake Song of the Tewa K’osa
XXVII. How the Gods are Brought
XXVIII. Uru-Tu-Sendo's Song
XXIX. Song of the Sky Loom
XXX. The Corn-Silk-Women's Song
XXXI. Rain Magic Song
XXXII. Songs in the Turtle Dance of Nambe
XXXIII. Songs in the Turtle Dance at Santa Clara
XXXIV. Songs of the Race Dance
Song of Avanyu, the Storm Serpent
XXXVI. Scalp Dance Song

Part III. Magic Songs and Prayers

XXXVII. That Buffalo May Come
XXXVIII. Song of the Hunter's Wife
XXXIX. With Dangling Hands
XL. When the Deer Come
XLI. Eagle Song
XLII. Speech For Good Trading
XLIII. When the First Fruits Are Taken
XLIV. When the Corn Mothers Are Fed
XLV. Prayer For Long Life
XLVI. When the Child is Named
XLVII. When the Man Takes Office
XLVIII. Last Words at the Grave
XLIX. When the Scalps Are Fed
L. Dead on the War Path