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Songs of the Tewa, by Herbert Joseph Spinden, [1933], at

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A Dramatic Fragment

Argument: This is the culminating episode of a long myth which tells how the two Little People, miraculous twins, defeated the False Priests and established the true rituals. They have been successful in earlier tests but now comes the supreme test of bringing the gods into the underground ceremonial lodge. The ritual here described is used by the K’osa. They blow ashes from the open hand to imitate a cloud and on this cloud they see the rain gods walking.

The Twins hold dialogue

Then they two went to the fireplace, and out of it took handfuls of ashes.
And standing where they were one said to the other:
"Yes, my twin, you go first, you try your magic first!''
So that one threw the ashes in his hand towards the north.
And he said: "Nothing at all I see there so next your turn it is to make magic; and in what direction do you mean, my twin?" he said.
"Well somewhere towards the east," that one said deceitfully, but really towards the west he threw his ashes. "Nothing at all I see there, brother twin.''

The False Priests make side remarks

Then the others said to one another. "From where could those two bring something? Why do they talk so uselessly?"

The Twins resume

"Yes, now you try it again, and in what direction, my twin?"

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"Well, somewhere over there, " he said and made ready to throw towards the north but really towards the south he threw the ashes. Then he said, "Nothing at all appears, so next you try again."

The False Priests make side remarks

"What can those two bring from anywhere? Just watch how they pretend! Pretty soon they should be finished off!

The Twins resume

Again it is the older twin's turn. "Slowly now you try it, my twin brother, but in what direction?"
"Well, somewhere towards the west" and westward he made like to throw the ashes, but really to the east he threw them.
"Up yonder," he said, "up yonder at Stone Man Lake the troubled waters go tsha’ amä! tsha’a mä! tsha’a mä!
"That is what I see and hear, so now quickly, my twin; quickly, my twin; you must hurry!"
So next that one threw ashes, "But where," he said, "but where?" and yonder towards Stone Man. Lake he likewise threw his ashes.
"Now, my twin, the water moves" he said, "tsha’amä! tsha’ amä! tsa’ amä! You said so, yes! but there in the middle of the lake one is peeping out! I see him! From there now they come out, they come out, they come out around the edge of the lake! This way and that they walk about!"

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"From there now they lift up their fog rainbow and to the north on Fish Ridge where the ditch-head lies, they rest their fog rain- bow. Now on the top of it they come to that mountain where the ditch-head lies! They come, my twin brother! So hurry, twin brother!''
And next that one threw ashes towards Fish Ridge where the ditch-head lies. "There they come,'' he said. "From there they lift their fog rainbow again and on Fish Summit they rest their fog rainbow! Now on top of it they keep coming!"
"And now a cloud flower is seated there on Stone Man Mountain top! Now it thunders hard! a light gleams, the lightning flashes! And now at Yunge village, the people are seeing it. So now, my twin brother, you try it."
And next that one threw ashes towards Fish Summit Lake. "There they have come, just as you said. From there they lift up their fog rainbow and at the town on the end of Cedar Face they rest their fog rainbow. Still on the top of it they keep coming! And now it thunders strongly, hail and great rain waters fall here at Yunge village!

The False Priests make side remarks

Then the others said to one another, "What can those two bring? Even now they should be made what they will soon be made—universe wanderers in the void!

p. 92

Rattle flower Youth and Flint-Corn youth speak

Then Tini povi enu and Khu mbi enu said "Wait, all of you! Just wait, all of you!"

The Twins resume

"Quickly, my twin," he said to him and threw ashes towards the town at the end of Cedar Face. "As you said, they come! From there next they lift their fog rainbow and towards Muddy Water Lake and there at Muddy Water Lake they rest their fog rainbow and on top of it they keep coming!"
And more and more the lightning flashes entered the lodge where they were sitting as if destruction were coming. And now on the roof of the lodge the footsteps of the watchers sounded and they entered.
"Next quickly, my twin brother! There as you said they come to Muddy Water Lake! and now they lift their fog rainbow to Blue Willow leaf Lake and rest."
And then even the houses shook with thunder.

The False Priests make remarks

And now those others looked at one another and spoke. "But what can those two bring?" And though they were seeing, still they were not believing.

Battle flower Youth and Flint-Corn Youth speak

"But wait a little! but wait! You will see what you will see," they said.

p. 93

The Twins resume

"Then quickly" he told him, "my twin brother, they have come to Blue Willow Leaf Lake, as you say! From there now they lift up their fog rainbow and here, where the stone gods of Yunge live, they rest their fog rainbow. Now they come on! Here they come, now!"
So those two said. And the hail was thrown suddenly into the lodge.
And the White Corn Girls stood there with baskets of meal ready to give an offering of food!
Then quickly he said to his twin brother: "Here in Yunge where the Stone Gods live you said they were coming. And now they lift their fog rainbow right to the lodge. At the head of the ladder now they put down their fog rainbow. Here they come now! Enter! Enter our Old Men Gods!

So now those false ones were walled in by the lightnings. They were struck by the lightnings and their entrails were riven.

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