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Songs of the Tewa, by Herbert Joseph Spinden, [1933], at


Long ago how fine was everything!
Fat mutton was all I ate,
Coffee and sugar were all I ate,
But now all I eat is the whip!

p. 76


The boy speaks
All round about the door of your house
The red and full blown flowers grow
And there are striped ones of yellow
And there are striped ones of white!
About your door how gay it used to be,
My little pony, even he had flowers,
Alas, alas, and woe is me!

The girl speaks
Once at my house how yellow, fresh
And full blown was the flower you had!
How green and fresh and full-blown
Was the flower that once you had!

The boy speaks
My woman also she has many flowers
Yonder in Truchas, yonder in Seha.

The girl speaks
So now he comes back to his sweetheart.
So now you remember me and come back!
Yes, yonder you thought again of your sweet-heart
For they sang you a song of corn grinding,
Those young men there, on Saturday afternoon!

The boy speaks
Alone with myself and seeing you never
What can I do, alas what will avail?
Because you leave me now, you leave me,
But ever when I think of you I weep.

p. 77

The girl speaks
My foolish one, you cannot hold me now:
No more will I remember. It is done.

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