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p. 166



All things were made at the same time. The earth, sun, moon--all things--got ripe and were left to man. The creatures having assembled, any who liked a certain month took it and ran off. They pursued but did not catch him. He threw it down on the ground as he ran and it started a new moon. If a variety of bird wanted a month, when it was put down, he took it and ran off with it. When the months were all divided up, they were left to the various creatures. When the Horse was brought forth he said he would have grass to eat and they left it to him. Just so the Bear said he would eat acorns to get fat and they were left to him. The Birds said they wanted to eat insects which come out of the ground when it is hot and they took them. Whatever month one made a gobbling noise for he took. The Horse said, "I will pull heavy things for people." The Cow said, "I am going to raise children for people." And the summer was made. Winter, spring, and summer were made together. Winter said, "Man is going to roast his leg around me." 1 When it was summer the Humming Bird said, "I will stay about and kiss the flowers." When summer was too hot and it was not good to work, the luminaries changed places, the sun and moon. The sun turned into the moon.


166:1 Meaning that in winter people keep close to the fires.

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