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7. THE MONSTER FISH (Second Version).

Naiyenesgani came to the monster fish who swallowed him. As it lay in deep water, Naiyenesgani, sat inside of him, playing. After a short time, he cut off the heart of the monster which thereupon swam with bull to the shore. Naiyenesgani cutting slits in the sides of its neck, went out through the opening, taking the heart with him. The fish was thus without a heart. When he came to his grandmother he said to her, "I will give you this heart of the largest evil thing." That is the heart of the fish which is held inside of the moon. His grandmother was glad because he brought it to her and said, "I will carry it whenever the moon comes up. They will laugh," she said, "I will carry it among the people, and they will continually look at it as the moon rises. I will carry the heart of the fish inside of the moon." In this manner it became the property of his grandmother. 2


202:2 This is one of the clearest identifications Of YoLgaiistdzan, with the moon. Certain songs of the Mescalero mention her under the names, Esdzannadlehi, or L'ena?ai (moon) as best suits the artistic requirement.

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