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A monster fish which lived in a lake swallowed anyone coming near it. Naiyenesgani came there and was swallowed by the fish which swain to the center of the lake and lay in deep water. Naiyenesgani, sitting inside of the fish, began singing ceremonial songs, that the fish might move to the shore of the lake. When he had finished his songs, he cut off the heart of the fish which raced with him toward the shore, throwing the smaller fish and water far away. It fell with him at the shore of the lake. Naiyenesgani,

p. 202

with his obsidian knife, cut openings in the neck of the fish through which he went out, carrying the heart in his hand. He gave it to the suit, saying, "Here, carry this where he cannot get it again." That is why a fish has a series of openings on the sides of its neck. He went home to his grandmother, YoLgaiistdzan. The firedrill had blazed up and then died down again. 1


201:1 This exploit of -Naiyenesgani seems not to he known to the other Southern Athapascan tribes who consider fish and water animals taboo. Mooney's account tells of a fish leaving the water and flying to secure its prey, (a), p. 200.

202:1 This was a sign for the grandmother of the danger or safety of Naiyenesgani. Cf. Matthews, pp. 117, 122.

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