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39. ?nEmô'gwis. 1

Tradition of Sî'sEnLê?, a Clan of the Nimkish.

?nEmô'gwis travelled northward, coming from Seymour Narrows. He made war upon the people and destroyed many villages. Finally he went up Nimkish River, and came to the mountain Ts!Ex*ê'waku. There he acquired supernatural power. A goose (nEla') came to live with him, assumed the form of a person, and became the ancestor of his tribe. They lived in Foundation (Xulku). When the goose assumed the shape of a person, his wife also became a human being, and they had many children. They came to be a bad people. ?nEmô'gwis and the goose are the ancestors of the Sî'sEnLê?.

?nEmx*â'likô is also given as the name of the ancestors of the Sî'sEnLê?.


473:1 See Boas, Indianische Sagen, etc., p. 166; also p. 7 of this volume.

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