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1. Q!â'nêqê?laku and Xatê'tsEn.

Tradition of the Qô'm?ênoxu, a Clan of the Lê'gwilda?xu.

(Dictated by Wa'nuku, 1893.)

Xatê'tsEn was sitting in his house when his attendant came and said, "Don't sit here in the house, for somebody is coming to the beach here."--"Maybe this is what I am expecting, that will make things right on the beach." Then Xatê'tsEn went out of his house to invite Q!â'nêqê?laku. Then (Q!â'nêqê?laku) entered the house of Xatê'tsEn, and he was given dried (salmon to eat. It was dried) meat of the double-headed serpent. Q!â'nêqê?laku began to eat it, and his body became contorted. Then Xatê'tsEn spoke. "Don't urge our friend here (to eat)." Then Xatê'tsEn and Q!â'nêqê?laku went out of the house. Xatê'tsEn looked at his salmon-weir. Then Q!â'nêqê?laku transformed him into stone. Xatê'tsEn became a man again, because he also had supernatural power. (He said,) "Go on, take warning, friend! Now I will also do something to you." Then Xatê'tsEn transformed his friend into stone, but Q!â'nêqê?laku became a man again.

Then he warned Xatê'tsEn. "Take warning, friend! Now I will try you again." They took hold of each other, and Q!â'nêqê?laku held Xatê'tsEn by his sides. He lifted him up. Then Xatê'tsEn was transformed into fog. He became a man again. Then Xatê'tsEn spoke. "Go on, take warning, friend! Now I will do something to you also." Then Xatê'tsEn lifted Q!â'nêqê?laku and threw him upward. Then Q!â'nêqê?laku also became fog. Q!â'nêqê?laku became a man again.

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Then Q!â'nêqê?laku spoke. "Go on, take warning, friend! Now I will try to lift you from the rock." Then Q!â'nêqê?laku took hold of Xatê'tsEn and threw him upward. He transformed Xatê'tsEn into a crane, and the crane began to fly. Xatê'tsEn became a man again. Then he also warned Q!â'nêqê?laku. "Go on, take care, friend!" Then Xatê'tsEn took hold of Q!â'nêqê?laku and threw him upward. A crane was flying there. Q!â'nêqê?laku became a man again.

Then Xatê'tsEn spoke. "Oh, indeed, you have supernatural power, friend! Come, let us go to my playground." Then they went aboard his canoe, and they paddled, going to Xatê'tsEn's play-round. They were dressed quite with the same kind of belts; namely, double-headed serpents. Double-headed serpents also were their canoes. Then they arrived at the playground.

Then Xatê'tsEn spoke. "Take care, friend! else you might have a mishap on my playground. Nobody who ever tried to come and play on it has succeeded a single time. This is what makes it slippery, the blood of those who came from time to time to play here." Then Xatê'tsEn spoke. "You go on first, friend!" Thus Q!â'nêqê?laku was told by his friend. "(No,) you first," said Q!â'nêqê?laku. "You said that it is your playground."--"Let me go first, friend," said Xatê'tsEn, on his part. Then he (Q!â'nêqê?laku) clapped on the gunwale of his canoe with his paddle, and Xatê'tsEn ran up. Xatê'tsEn ran straight up. He did not rest on his resting-place halfway up: he just turned round and came down again and jumped into his canoe.

Then Xatê'tsEn spoke. "Now you go, friend!" Thus he said to Q!â'nêqê?laku. "Take care, fasten your belt well, else it might (drag) behind you!" Then Q!â'nêqê?laku ran. He had nearly reached the top when he

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slipped on the rock. His belt came off, and Q!â'nêqê?laku fell down. He fell into the water and sank. Then Xatê'tsEn went away to Q!â'nêqê?laku's canoe, and upset it on the water. "Indeed, you have no real supernatural power, friend," thus he said while upsetting Q!â'nêqê?laku's canoe.

Xatê'tsEn waited in vain for Q!â'nêqê?laku to show himself, but Q!â'nêqê?laku just did mischief to Xatê'tsEn's land. Q!â'nêqê?laku transformed into stone a beaver that was sitting by the river. Then Q!â'nêqê?laku caught sight of the watchman at the salmon-weir of Xatê'tsEn. He transformed into stone him and his pole. Then he also transformed into stone the watchman of Xatê'tsEn. Then Xatê'tsEn was vanquished by Q!â'nêqê?laku, for Xatê'tsEn did not know what Q!â'nêqê?laku was doing.

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