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2. SE'nlê?.

Tradition of the Lê'gwilda?xu.

(Dictated by MalE'd, 1893.)

A man lived at Yê'kwin. He said that he had come down from above, being the son of the Sun. He had the name SE'nlê?. Then he wore the sun mask. He came after he had left the place from which he came down, where he had first been. He searched for a house site, looking for a good country. Then he found Bar-at-Mouth-of-River. There he built a house on the meadow back of the point of Bar-at-Mouth-of-River. Then he took off his sun mask and he became an ordinary man there.

Then he paddled and went to Bella Bella. There he met Brave, the Bella Bella. Then he was asked by Brave, ["Go on!] (and tell me) how long you have been

p. 9

in the world since the time when you became a man!" Then SE'nlê? said, "At the same time when the mountains were first put down."

Then SE'nlê? also asked Brave, "When was the time when you became a man?"--"Behold! I have been a man for a long time," said Brave, "I (became a man) at the same time when the kelp was first put down on the water." That is all they said when they parted.

SE'nlê? went home, and Brave went home to where he had come from. SE'nlê? just went to see the whole world. That is the end.

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