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Qâ-igagî+djat î+niä'nai ga ai î'î'îangAn.
A woman of Qa-i | went out and married, | went out and married.
L! lqaxiasLaia'si gu Lû qê'da-i hao gao-ula'ñ gua kî'lsLa-
They are going to call him, | there canoe | largest (i. e., chief's) | is gone in the morning, | ? | chief
    my own.

One went to Sea-Lion Town to marry.
They were going to call him, but the chief's canoe was gone in the morning, my own chief. 1


44:1 An incident in the family history is involved. When they set out to call the chief who was going to marry, the canoe was gone. It was customary for the chief to give a canoe when one of his family married. This is probably referred to.

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