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Gû'sLao gûdjâ'+gaña 2 dalA'ñ ga kî'ñgatsgas ga dâ daogîl
Why | your daughters | you | to news went down | what did you come after,
    well brought up one?
Ga ña'ñ a gî xA'nhao L! qâ'yîñgâ'ña gê'da gagîhîña'ñ
Crying for (no one) they attend you place where she is crying
gaga'ogwañ gadAl, gê'da gagîhîña'ñ gaga'ogwañ gadAl.
lying about, | well brought up one, | place where she is crying | lying about, | well brought up one.

On account of what news of your daughters' going down to you (to The Land of Souls) did you come up for something, well brought up ones?
There is now no one to attend to you on account of your crying, where you are crying about (because there are now no slaves), well brought up one, where you are crying about, well brought up one.


16:2 The second verse of this song is identical with this one, except that ûgô'ñgaña ("your fathers") is said to be substituted for the words gûdjã+gaña ("your daughters"), but gô'ñga is properly applied only to a man's father.

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