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"Now they revealed another.

"The master of the house called out the names of two persons, saying, 'Come here, my nephews,' 1 and straightway they stood before him. Then said he, 'Commence an argument, you two, for you are the man and wife who in your earth-life were wont to

p. 73

quarrel continually, so quarrel again!' Then when he saw that the people were reluctant he compelled them to argue. Then they disputed until their eyes bulged from their heads, their tongues lolled out and flames of fire shot from ganä'shoo?. So this was what he saw.

"Then said the messengers, 'This is the punishment reserved for those who quarrel without ceasing and fail to repent.'"

So they said. Eniaiehuk.


72:1 The Seneca term means my sister's children," thus both nephews and nieces.

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