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"Now they revealed another.

"Now the master of the house looked about and saw another person. So he said, 'Come, here, my nephew, I wish to see you flog your wife as was your custom on the earth.' The punisher then pointed out the image of a woman heated hot with fire and commanded the man to beat the image. Then the man pleaded with moans to be released from the command but the punisher forced him to strike the image with his bare hands, and the man fell in agony prostrate upon the floor screaming. So he saw.

"Then said the four messengers, 'You have seen the punishment given to the man who beat his wife. Thus it will be with all who fail to repent and fail to believe in Gai'wiio`. Now such was the evil that this man did to grieve his Creator.'"

So they said and he said. Eniaiehuk.

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