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"At the time of this prophecy I was in the Cold Spring village. It occurred at this time. The prophecy was then new.

"At that time a woman and her daughter administered a witch-powder 1 to a man and he lost his mind. He wandered off alone and died and thus a great crime was committed.

"Now at that time it was said among the head men, 'We will punish the women.' So it was the plan that each chief give the women one lash.

"Now I, Ganiodai'io` heard the resolution of the chiefs and was of the opinion that the women would easily survive such punishment, so, also, the chiefs believed it.

"Now all this happened when the head men sat in council, the four messengers being present.

"Now this thing must never happen again. Such councils never accomplish good. It is natural that foolish women should have done what these did.

"Now at the time of the lashing it was in my mind that they would surely live.

"So this must never happen again because the Creator has not privileged men to punish each other." Eniaiehuk. [See plate 12.]


46:1 Witch-powders were used for various purposes but generally as poisons or love charms. Their use is condemned in section 3 and the punishment of those who use them in section 104.

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