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"So now another story.

"It happened that at a certain time a certain person did not honor Gai'wiio`. At a gathering where Gai'wiio` was being told this was done. It was at Cold Spring village.

"A man was standing in the doorway showing disrespect to the proceedings within. The prophet was speaking and as he said in closing 'It is finished,' the man in the doorway dainî?'dâdi. Now that was the last. The man did not go home to his dwelling and

p. 47

the next day it was rumored that he was missing. A search was made and on the other side of the Allegany in a swamp two days later the man was found. He was sitting above it. He had broken branches and arranged them in the form of a nest upon which he sat devouring snakes. He was not in his right mind. They took him from his nest (ho?non'gwae?) and soon he died." Eniaiehuk.

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