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People of Aoátovi go on hunting expedition and maidens accompany them. Maidens run for rabbits. As party is returning, young man in chasing rabbit dashes over and kills daughter of village chief, He is very angry and determines that in revenge village shall be razed to ground. One night he goes to Shongópavi and wakens, village chief. After smoking he tells chief what has occurred. He asks him to instruct his young men to practice their strength and says he will return in four days. On night of fourth day chief again goes to Shongópavi to see friend and tells him to get ready for Katcina race. In four days four young men dressed as Katcinas go to Aoátovi taking presents of corn ears. They go to plaza, where young men of village come and race commences. Sometimes Katcinas win and then others win. The last bunch of corn ears is raced for by young men of village and Hö'msona Katcina. Young man outruns Katcina and on his return Hö'msona throws him down and cuts his throat. Hö'msona goes and motions to other Katcinas to

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run. People are suspicious, as young man does not return. They go and find him killed. They follow Katcinas, some on ponies. They overtake and kill Hö'msona and two other Katcinas. Remaining one crosses wash, after taking off mask, which he hangs on brush. People, seeing mask, return. During night chief of Aoatovi goes again to Shongópavi and asks chief to come and get his people. Chief meditates and then refuses. Aoátovi chief returns home. In night he goes to Oraíbi and arranges with chief to destroy his people. He then produces two clay figures, one representing males and other females of his village, and tells him to select. Oraíbi chief selects female. Next day he tells his warrior chiefs, and that people are to make bows and arrows. He sends three nephews to other Hopi villages to ask them to participate in destruction of Aoátovi. Chief of Shongópavi says the wicked may do so, but he refuses. On fourth day Oraíbi set off in two parties for Aoátovi, going first to other villages. They meet towards evening and at sundown move towards Aoátovi. At foot of mesa chief and his wife come down to them with bundles of piki. Chief arranges signal for them to rush upon mesa and kill men in kivas. Oraíbi chief is to select women and maidens he wants and then rest of villages shall take others. Chief's son gives signal and raiders rush into village, remove ladders of kivas, and throw firewood down. They throw firebrand into kivas and then Spanish pepper on fire. Meanwhile people of Wálpi and Mishóngnovi take younger women, maidens and children and move off with them. Older women are killed. Chief of Aoátovi and his son are both destroyed with others in kiva. Village is not destroyed. Raiders return and halt at Skeleton Mound. Oraíbi claim right to select prisoners first. Others refuse to give up women and maidens, and many younger and prettier ones are killed. Others are taken to different villages, and that is why so many Aoátovi people are now found there.

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