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Maidens are afraid of son of village chief at Aoátovi and refuse to marry him. He gets up great hunt and many rabbits are killed. Hawk kills rabbit for chief's son, so chief has much game to carry home. After eating, father smokes on game. Son tells father he is unhappy and suggests they shall do something to people. In morning village chief goes to Háno, tells chief that maidens refuse to marry his son, and asks him to come and fetch people. He tells him to bring Spanish pepper. Háno chief informs people of Sitchomovi and Wálpi, and says they are to get ready for expedition next night. Next evening people of three villages go to Aoátovi. Great storm is raging and they ascend mesa. Men are in kivas eating evening meal. Enemies draw ladders from kivas, so that men cannot come out. They gather women and children, and, while some drive them off, others throw firebrands into kivas and destroy men. Captives are taken to villages and distributed.


People of Oraíbi are very bad. Chief goes to Warrior chief of Wálpi and tells him, They arrange that Oraíbi people shall come to attack Wálpi and Wálpi people shall meet and kill them. Those who pass certain rock are not to be molested. Oraíbi chief tells people that they will make raid on Wálpi and try to steal maidens. Early one morning they approach Wálpi, but people are ready and rush down upon Oraíbi. Large dog disables and kills

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many Oraíbi. Oraíbi flee and many are killed. Only few pass rock mentioned. On rock dog is engraved on account of what dog did in this battle.

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