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Racer Katcinas come to Wálpi from Sikyátki to race. Wálpi man cuts off hair knot of Katcina instead of small portion of side lock. Katcina is angry. He returns to Sikyátki and practices running. Wálpi come to have race at Sikyátki. Young man is still angry, and, taking knife, goes on bluff opposite Sikyátki. During dance he comes down and enters plaza. He races with clowns and catches them all, cutting off small portion of side locks. He detects on top of house sister of man who had cut his hair. He dashes to top of house, follows her and cuts off her head. Holding it by hair whorl, he swings head and dashes away. People follow him, but he escapes and returns to village by another trail. People of villages quarrel, but Wálpi withdraw. People of Sikyátki are very wicked, especially towards women. As they do not spare chief's wife, he determines to take revenge. He agrees with chief of Wálpi that when people are planting in valley, Wálpi shall come to village and destroy it. Wálpi have balls of pitch and when Sikyátki people are in fields they rush upon village and kill women and children. Then they set houses on fire destroying village. People planting see smoke and rush to village, but only have planting sticks. Wálpi are well armed and kill all people, including chief who instigated revenge.

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