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Two sisters refuse to marry. Night goes and asks them to marry him. They consent if parents are willing. Parents are willing and Night comes next evening for brides. Outside of village is large tray. They take place on tray and are carried through air to gulch where Night lives. They see room with bones of women stolen by Night in village. and whom he has thrown there as soon as they become pregnant. Women become pregnant, Younger sister goes to lake to get water and Frog speaks to her. He tells her they must go home that night by trail which leads to their home. In evening sisters go after water and Frog again tells them to go home by trail. They travel and see Spider Woman, who goes with them. Next day Spider Woman sees clouds and says they will overtake them. When three come nearly to village, clouds overtake them and women are killed by lightning. Elder sister is delivered of little boy and younger one of little girl. Children live and nurse. Mothers are alive during night. but are dead during day. When children are grown they ask about father. Mothers tell them that grandparents live in village near, but that they are bad. They contend and kill any one who is beaten, and who cannot guess what is in something hanging on top of ladder, which is little turtle. Children start and mothers ask them to bring them clothes: and say that if grandparents do not say anything they also will go. Children arrive at village, enter kiva, and sit down. When asked they tell who they are. When they have eaten they have to play game and boy wins. They are then asked to guess what is wrapped up at top of ladder. They equivocate and then brother says little turtle, Grandfather admits they are his grandchildren and tells them to kill him. They refuse, but ask for something. They obtain bow and arrows and clothes and then clothes for mothers They say mothers will come, if nothing is said to them. Children return to mothers. After evening meal all dress up and proceed to village, all abreast. They ascend ladder and women call out and receive no answer. They descend into kiva and again call. They do this three times and grandmother responds. Immediately two children and two grandchildren fall dead. If they had been quiet once more, all would have lived together happily.

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