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Youth wants, to practice running and grandmother dresses him up. She tells him that on returning to village he is not to pass house of dangerous maiden. Next day he again runs, and when he ascends to village, maiden is standing on kiva. She says he is beautifully dressed up and asks him t let her dress in costume and dance for him. He lays off costume and hands it to her. She dresses up, dances and sings. At last words she jumps into through opening, closing it quickly, and tells him to go. Youth goes home and grandmother is angry, but she says maiden is hungry for meat and he must go and hunt. After eating he goes hunting and kills rabbit. Grandmother tells hint to take rabbit and offer it to maiden if she will dance for him again. He is then to cover opening with trap door quickly, so that she

p. 295

cannot get back. Youth goes and maiden dances at edge of kiva opening, ready to slip in again. She sings and at last word youth throws game quite distance from kiva. Maiden rushes for it and youth closes opening. Mána sees he is defeated and lays off entire costume. Youth takes it to grandmother, who is very happy.

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